JUDr. Ján Kurinec

JUDr. Ján Kurinec

Lawyer: Czech Bar Association (from 1996, 1992 – 1996 originally commercial layer - Association of Commercial Lawyers CR)

Specialization: Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, liquidations, obligations and liability relations in the area of civil and commercial law

Education: Charles University Law School in Prague (graduated in 1974)

Languages: Slovak, English, Russian

From 1992 he has private practice in comercial law and advocacy. In the Law Firm of JUDr. Prokop Beneš, JUDr. Ján Kurinec focuses on bancrupcy law and compensations, in the commercial law namely on liquidations, in the civil law mainly on obligations. In cooperation with JUDr. Prokop Beneš, he works on cases involving family law.