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„What the system of justice needs the most are brave judges. Judge is the one who interprets the law and whose word is final. Judges are often under pressure of public and media. The prevailing opinion is that the justice happens when someone is convicted. On the other hand, the dropped charges are perceived negatively. Harsh punishments are popular and positively perceived. Therefore, it is impossible to put equal sign between punishment and justice.

This is true even more when there is increasing emphasis to decide about guilt by courts and publicly. Consequently, also innocent people end up being judged by the courts. The public is nowadays confronted with fragmented and shallow information provided by media and one sentence or one article concentrates information generated by long and complex proving process. In my opinion, the judge who is not afraid to issue unpopular verdict and who is ready to face media criticism is the most important factor in the system of justice.“

Civil law

The area of the civil law is the largest amongst all branches of law, and consists of great amount of ever-changing legislation. Therefore, whether you are resolving minor dispute between neighbors or transferring property, it is always wise to seek professional advice from a lawyer.

We will provide you with legal help in matters of

  • Property law – property rights, transfers, covenants, easements, servitudes
  • Representation – in court, in arbitration, distraint or insolvency proceedings as well as extrajudicial negotiation or in proceedings before a notary
  • Personal rights – protection of personality, claiming of general and specific damages
  • Intellectual property – copyright, trademark or industrial design rights
  • Inheritance law – will, inheritance disputes, settlements of property, disinheritance
  • Insurance law – insurance conditions, counseling
  • Contract law – contracts of work, donation agreements, trades, contracts of lease and claims connected to them, e. g. damages
  • Consumer law – consumer contracts, consumer complaints, redress

What is civil law?

Civil law (substantive law and procedural law) is the largest area of law. It regulates basic institutes of private law, property law, contract law, inheritance law and intellectual property law, as well as their application in court. The main source of substantive civil law is the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure. Family law is considered to be part of the civil law as well, as it is also covered in the Civil Code since 1st of January 2014.

Experts on civil law

It is wise to solve civil disputes with the help of experienced lawyers. We will see to it that all your contracts work as they should, have all the necessary requisites, and we will provide you with complex legal aid so you don’t lose track of all your civil relations.