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„What the system of justice needs the most are brave judges. Judge is the one who interprets the law and whose word is final. Judges are often under pressure of public and media. The prevailing opinion is that the justice happens when someone is convicted. On the other hand, the dropped charges are perceived negatively. Harsh punishments are popular and positively perceived. Therefore, it is impossible to put equal sign between punishment and justice.

This is true even more when there is increasing emphasis to decide about guilt by courts and publicly. Consequently, also innocent people end up being judged by the courts. The public is nowadays confronted with fragmented and shallow information provided by media and one sentence or one article concentrates information generated by long and complex proving process. In my opinion, the judge who is not afraid to issue unpopular verdict and who is ready to face media criticism is the most important factor in the system of justice.“

Compensation claims for injuries

According to the new Civil Code, the compensation of injury should be individualized so that the amount of money received is fair. The party responsible for the injury is obliged to pay both general and specific damages. We provide legal aid to the injured in the matters of claims of loss of future earnings, payment for pain and suffering as well as claims of medical expenses, the cost of care and in justified cases also claim of permanent injury damages. We represent the injured in both the court and the dealings with insurance companies. The injured is entitled to compensation of legal expenses necessary for the claiming of the above mentioned damages.